Our open letter to Caroline Dinenage regarding the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill

Caroline Dinenage, The Minister for Care, wrote us an open letter in response to our petition about the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill. We’ve published our response.

Caroline Dinenage, Minister for Care

[Photo of Caroline Dinenage, Minister for Social Care]

Last year we started a petition asking for people to support our call to protect people’s human rights in the proposed Mental Capacity Amendment Bill. See our web post here for more information about the bill and what you can do to help make our concerns known to MPs who will be debating this soon.

The Minister for Care, Caroline Dinenage MP, wrote to us last week in response to the widespread support for our petition. See her letter here. She also invited us and People First Self Advocacy to meet with her, which we did yesterday 5th February – for 30 minutes. We welcome the Minister engaging with us about the bill but the fact remains it’s extremely late in the day (the bill could soon become law) to consult with Disabled people’s organisations.

We’ve detailed our continued worries with the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill in its current form, here. If you share our concerns, please join the discussion on social media using the #mentalcapacitybill hashtag.