Mayoral Candidate Responses 2021

Read the responses from London Mayoral candidates, to our key questions about the rights of Deaf and Disabled Londoners

Polling day for the election of the next Mayor of London is taking place on the 6th of May! Ahead of the election, we asked the Mayoral candidates six questions about how they plan to advance the rights of Deaf and Disabled Londoners – check out their responses below!

Based on the election results from the 2016 Mayoral Election, we approached the Labour, Conservative, Green Party, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Women’s Equality Party candidates for London Mayor to ask them to respond to our questions. We received responses from the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Women’s Equality Party.


  1. How do you plan to advance the rights of Disabled people in London?
  2. What would you do to make more suitable accessible housing available for disabled people?
  3. How would you make our communities more inclusive of Disabled people, including access to goods and services and transport?
  4. How will you tackle Disability hate crime in London?
  5. How do you plan on engaging with Deaf and Disabled people and our organisations?
  6. The Mayor of London now has responsibility for a multi-million-pound adult education budget. What are your plans for developing an adult education service that is inclusive of disabled adults within London?

Mayoral Candidate Responses:

Liberal Democrats: Luisa Porritt (word doc)

Conservatives: Shaun Bailey (pdf)

Women’s Equality Party: Mandu Reid – below