Kamil Ahmad: failed by the Home Office, then murdered in Bristol

Guardian article about Kamil Ahmad, a Disabled asylum seeker who was murdered in 2016. “Last year, the UN accused the government of “systematic” violations of disabled people’s rights. In August this year, a UN representative described the situation as a “human catastrophe”. Kamil’s death is one horrific part of this bigger picture.”

Rebecca Yeo is a researcher working on issues of disability in the asylum and immigration system. She has written an article about Kamil Ahmad, who was both an asylum seeker and Disabled. He was was murdered in Bristol in 2016, five years after fleeing his home in Iraq.

Rebecca writes: “Kamil died not because of his personal vulnerabilities, but because the system gave him no protection from his killer. His death highlights the need for systemic change such that he would not have been forced into a vulnerable position.”

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