Hate Crime Case filming

If you or someone you know has experienced disability hate crime, and would be willing to be filmed, please contact us.

Inclusion London is busy working on a short film about hate crime and hate incidents. This will be used as part of our training sessions on hate crime.

This film, will of course focus on the Social Model of Disability and Cultural Model of Deafness.
We are asking for Disabled people who have been victims of hate crime, and who would be willing to be filmed to come forward to share their experience of hate crime or a hate incident.
Ideally, we would like Disabled people who have been a victim of a hate crime to be filmed themselves, but alternatively, we could have another person reading their case study.

We need hate crime and hate incidents which cover:

  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Schools – perhaps someone’s experience of bullying?
  • And a Deaf person’s experience of hate crime or hate incidents.

If you, or anyone you know would be able to take part then do please contact us.
Once they give permission, we will make all the arrangements and contact them directly to organise when to meet for filming.

We really do need your help, so if you could contact us as soon as possible, we would be very grateful indeed.

With best wishes
Kea Horvers
Director of Operations & Programmes

email: kea.horvers@inclusionlondon.org.uk
tel: 0207 237 3181   Office SMS: 0771 839 4687