Coronavirus testing now available for Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (PAs) are now eligible for COVID-19 testing under the government’s National Testing Programme

The Coronavirus National Testing Programme has now expanded capacity to test other frontline workers including all personal care assistants (PAs). To be eligible for testing, the PA must be self-isolating because they have coronavirus-like symptoms, OR because someone in their household is symptomatic.

Inclusion London welcomes the government’s announcement to extend testing for coronavirus to more frontline workers, including Personal Assistants, especially as they play a vital role in supporting Disabled people to live independently in the community.

The social fall out of coronavirus is hitting Disabled people hard.  As Personal Assistants quit or self-isolate due to COVID-19, Disabled people are facing increasing difficulties in carrying out day-to-day activities such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, showered and shopping for food supplies.

Inclusion London will continue to push for improvements in testing to make sure that people who need to be tested do not need to travel far. We will also lobby for tests to be extended to PAs who are not symptomatic as well as Disabled people who need social care support.

What do Personal Assistants and their employers need to do?

  • Any PAs who think they are eligible and need to be tested are being instructed to speak to their employer first.
  • Employers will need to complete the ‘Confirmation of employment and eligibility for testing- letter of ID‘ and send it to their PAs with the presentation slides. These presentation slides include a list of ‘drive-through’ regional test site locations.
  • PAs will then be able to register themselves for a test at the link provided within the invitation – using the link for ‘Other Government Departments’.
  • Any PAs to be tested will need to attend a specified regional test location and must drive/be driven using their own car or a car that belongs to a member of their household.