Consultancy services

Inclusion London offers a range of consultancy and training on disability equality, inclusion and stakeholder engagement with Disabled people.

All our services are based on the Social Model of Disability and all our work begins with an analysis of the needs of your organisation:

  • Disability Equality Training that will enable  your organisation to understand the barriers that disadvantage or exclude Deaf and Disabled people, assess how these barriers may operate within your organisation and identify effective ways of removing these barriers and increasing your accessibility.

This training can be tailored to address operational and/or strategic issues as well as the specific needs of different groups of staff

  • Disability Equality Customer Service Training that will enable your staff to understand how to deliver great customer service to Deaf and Disabled people covering issues such as appropriate language and how to provide assistance.
  • Access auditing services that will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the accessibility of your premises /venues together with recommendations on how to improve or address barriers identified; we also provide information & communication access audits
  • Consultancy services providing a range of expert advice and support on: increasing the engagement and involvement of Deaf and Disabled people in your organisation, creating inclusive services, recruitment and retention of Deaf and Disabled staff, creating inclusive workplaces, facilitating focus groups of Disabled stakeholders
  • Mystery shopping recruitment services that will ensure your mystery shopping or market testing exercise includes the right mix of Deaf and Disabled people.

To find out more about our consultancy service and how we could help your organisation become more accessible and inclusive, please contact or call 020 7237 3181.