About Inclusion London

Inclusion London’s mission is to promote Deaf and Disabled people’s equality and inclusion by supporting Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) and campaigning for rights for Deaf and Disabled people across the UK.

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Our mission

Inclusion London’s mission is to promote Deaf and Disabled people’s equality and inclusion. We do this by supporting Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations to have a strong and influential collective voice and to deliver empowering and effective services to Deaf and Disabled Londoners. We are the only organisation run by and for Deaf and Disabled people working across every borough in London.

You can read our Strategic Business Plan for 2015-18 here:
Inclusion London Strategic Business Plan 2015-18

Read about our key achievements in 2016-17 here:
Inclusion London Annual Report 2016-17 (Easy Read)

Our history

Inclusion London was set up in 2008. Since then we have built a strong reputation for delivering effective, accessible services that upskill, strengthen and support London’s Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations, and for voicing and representing the views of Deaf and Disabled Londoners.

Our vision

Our vision is an inclusive London, free of disabling barriers, where diversity and human rights are valued and where Deaf and Disabled Londoners have dignity, independence and equality of opportunity.

All our work is based on, and reflects the Social Model of Disability and the Cultural Model of Deafness.

We are committed to working  in an accessible and inclusive way. We are passionate about the unique contribution DDPOs make in promoting equality and inclusion and we are committed to increasing Deaf and Disabled people’s leadership of our organisations.

What is a DDPO?

We support Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) and organisations which are working to become DDPOs. Being a DDPO means:

  1. An organisation’s Management Committee or Board has at least 75% of representation from Deaf and Disabled people and;
  2. At least 50% of their paid staff team are Deaf or Disabled people with representation at all levels of the organisation and;
  3. They provide services for or work on behalf of Deaf and Disabled people.

There is more information on our What is a DDPO page.

What do we mean by Disabled People?

We use the term Disabled People to include those with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments, people with learning difficulties; Deaf people, deafened, hard of hearing people, mental health system users, and survivors, and others.